Unicorn Power Scour or Fibre Rinse Small Bottle

Unicorn Power Scour or Fibre Rinse Small Bottle

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Unicorn Power Scour - Amanda's preferred cleanser for washing raw, dirty wool!

If you have a raw fleece you need to scour, this is my absolute preferred cleanser for doing the job. Power Scour is gentle on all fibers, and can be used at lower temperatures than many other scouring agents, while still effectively removing dirt and lanolin from your wool, all without any nasty chemicals. It leaves behind a delightful light, sweet scent that does not overpower the wool. It is biodegradable, low sudsing (which means less rinsing) and very concentrated, meaning only a small amount is needed to clean your fleece. I use Power Scour on all of my raw fleeces.

More information and instructions for utilizing Power Scour, including handy videos can be found on Unicorn's website. Beth Smith (author of The Spinner's Book of Fleece, my preferred reference for learning to process fiber) also recommends this wash and has a walkthrough on her site as well.ck/.

Available in multiple sizes. This listing is for the 4oz small bottle, which is plenty for cleaning an entire small fleece.