Traveller's Potions Kit

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Behold, the Traveler's Potions Kit!!!! Keep these pint-sized potions and vital ingredients nearby and be ready for any magical emergency 🖤✨⚗️ Featuring 1/2 oz samples of all 10 of our Hogwarts Potions Class collection, plus a handy set of potioneer-themed stitch markers, in an adorable clear-topped spiderwebby box.

Total Weight: 5oz

Classy Squid Fiber Co. fibers are designed to provide a wonderful spinning experience, but would also be gorgeous if used for felted designs or as accents in weaving. My Polwarth & Falkland wools are sourced from the Falkland Islands, UK, where the sheep are raised free of pesticides & chemicals in a pristine environment. All raw wools were scoured using Unicorn Power Scour. Fibers are hand-dyed by Amanda in a smoke-free, pet-free studio using professional grade acid dyes. We do our utmost to run our dyeing studio in an environmentally-friendly manner.


All fibers are rinsed after dyeing until the water runs clear, but variations in water content may cause some fibers to tint your washwater when setting your handspun yarns. This is harmless and should not indicate any fading of the color in your item.