Tapestry Loom Set

Tapestry Loom Set

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“The Dragonfly” from Lost Pond Looms (on Etsy), Maple tabletop tapestry loom. 18” x 20” weaving area with 1/8” warp combs. Unfinished. This is a really lovely little loom set, I just determined tapestry weaving wasn't for me so it's been sitting unused. 

Comes with:

  • 16” maple weaving sword
  • 16” maple Rotating Heddle Bar (this is a cool innovation that gives you sheds to weave through, without actual heddles!)
  • Maple long needle with large eye
  • 3x small stick shuttles
  • 8” and 5” tapestry needles in hardwood, probably from Ouillette but provenance forgotten
  • 3” weaving bobbin in an interesting wood, provenance forgotten
  • Small lasercut tapestry loom

Total value over $100 retail, asking $60.