Oscar - 2oz Mini Batts

Oscar - 2oz Mini Batts

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 2oz mini batts carded from the very last of the stash!

CAUTION: the green base this is carded on bleeds. It may stain your fingers a bit as you spin, but once spun the excess dye can be removed by changing the wash water a few extra times. I washed mine in HOT tap water with dish soap, and changed the water 3 times to get to clear. Once that is done, it should not bleed onto your skin or other colors in a project if you work it up with other yarns. 

Ingredients: A little bit of absolutely everything! Includes fine-wool, alpaca, corriedale fleece, wool and cotton nepps, flax, nylon, sparkle, everything but the kitchen sink. 

*Yarn not included, demonstration purposes only!