Marseille - TDF Exclusive

Marseille - TDF Exclusive

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 Welcome to Marseille, France, the finishing point for this year's Tour de France race!

These honorary Tour de Fleece exclusive kits began with an inspiration image of the spectacularly-colored ports of Marseille - producing a sun-kissed palette of deep harbor blues and greens, magenta and eggplant flowers, sunny gold buildings with tangerine roofs, bright red awnings and brilliant green cliffside foliage. 

To produce these batts, a light layer of Organic Polwarth is laid onto the carder for stability, after which layer after layer of gorgeous farm fleeces are carefully carded onto the drum along with toppings of silk and noils for texture and shine. These batts are lightly textured - they are carded just once, and from fleeces, but carded using special techniques to align the fibers and open them up almost fully even on that single pass.

The resulting batts are fluffy and light, and fairly open - not dense at all, and a dream to draft. Open your fingers up more to allow the light lock texture to shine through, or draft it out to produce a smooth and even yarn. Spin from a corner, pull the batt lengthwise into a roving, tear off chunks and mix them up for confetti yarn, or split the color sections out into strips to create mini skeins for a multi-colored project.

Accompanying the batts are some of the prettiest crinkly locks I've ever seen, from quite a crossbreed ewe! Averaging between 2 and 4 inches, these locks are loose (they don't 'clump' or hang together, very easy to separate) and will be a snap to incorporate into your project. Spin a short length of 100% tailspun boa yarn for an accent or place them into your batt yarn in various ways - these locks will continue to hold their shape and maintain those beautiful crinkly curls no matter how you treat them. The last photo shows what an ounce of locks looks like, with my hand for scale. 

Each kit is beautifully packaged in a sturdy white box, with an accompanying postcard of the inspiration image to inspire your projects. 

Spin with us!

Limited Edition - due to the nature of the fleeces used in this product, this kit can never be recreated exactly - snag yours today! 


  • Batt: Approximately 3oz
  • Crinkly Locks (Shetland/BFL/Teeswater/Wensleydale/Coopworth from Psalm 23 Farm, WI): 1oz

Batt Ingredients:

  • Organic Polwarth
  • Romney X fleece (Elihu Farm)
  • Border Leicester/Cormo X fleece (Marshmallow Farm) 
  • Romeldale fleece (Serenity Spring Wool)
  • Superfine Merino fleece 
  • Tussah & Muga silk
  • Silk noil
  • Faux Cashmere (Nylon)

Classy Squid Fiber Co. batts are designed to provide a wonderful spinning experience, but would also be gorgeous if used for felted designs or as accents in weaving. My Organic Polwarth wool is sourced from the Falkland Islands, UK, where the sheep are raised free of pesticides & chemicals in a pristine environment. Fibers are hand-dyed by me, Amanda, in my smoke-free, pet-free studio using professional grade acid dyes. I do my utmost to run my dyeing studio in an environmentally-friendly manner.

To care for your creations and avoid felting, hand-wash your items in warm (not hot) water with a mild wool wash such as Eucalan or Soak, without agitation, and allow to air-dry.