Majacraft Aura

Majacraft Aura

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Used Majacraft Aura spinning wheel. I had thought this would be my forever wheel, but we are downsizing and while the Aura is fairly compact, for ultimate portability I would like to switch to electric. It runs quietly and smoothly, and is ultra responsive - once you get used to her, it is very easy to control the speed of rotation with barely a thought, which is fabulous for spinning anything complicated like art yarns, or even for standard chain plying if you miss a loop or your single breaks and you have to reattach. 

Wheel has the original green stretchy drive band from the manufacturer, and a cotton brake band. It runs beautifully and spins quietly. There are some minor dings on the treadles, and a few stickers which I did not remove and would leave to the buyer to decide if you'd like to keep them on or remove. The wheel likely has tan-lines in the shape of the stickers from its years of use. The sticker on the center knob, which enables you to fold the Aura down and use the carry handle, has standard s/z singles/ply direction noted on it, because I can never remember!


  • 3 original wood bobbins (these are prior to the laser-cut redesign, and are solid)
  • 4.1:7.3/standard whorl
  • Fast/lace whorl (I cannot find a reliable table of what rates this whorl gets you on the Aura; I believe it is close to 19 or 20:1)
  • Delta flyer
  • Hex wrench and allen wrench for adjusting the wheel
  • A damaged Fast Flyer which I am including for free - the ceramic orifice guard snapped off and resulted in a jagged sharp edge. I have not looked into getting this replaced from Majacraft directly but believe it should be possible.

SHIPPING NOTE: If you are local to Tyngsboro MA and would like to arrange pickup instead of shipping, please email me or leave a note at checkout. I will also be at Rhinebeck in October (Friday at Indie Untangled, Duchess Fairgrounds Saturday morning only) if you'd like to arrange for pickup there.