Fiber Art Necklace 20

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Beautiful hand-crafted fiber art pendant hung on corespun, flexible wire, secured with a lobster clasp. A little bit of fiber art to take with you everywhere! These necklaces are light and surprisingly delicate - to a non-fiber-enthusiast, it will just look like a really cool necklace. But peer a little closer, and tiny beads, wool locks, silk noils, and other details begin to surface. Each pendant tells a story - what will you imagine?

Length: ~20"
Clasp: Silver toned
Corespinning material: Mulberry silk
Pendant size: About the diameter of a nickel
Pendant designed by: Amanda

All materials are nickel-free, and the ends of the wire are securely crimped and wrapped for a poke-free wearing experience.

Each Classy Squid Fiber Co. necklace is hand-crafted from fibers hand-dyed by me, Amanda. Pendants are filled and designed by myself or my studio assistant Beka, who has a painter's eye for combining colors and texture. I carefully corespin each cord using only the finest wrapping materials, tucking the ends of the jewelry wire into the fiber securely so there will be no pokey ends. Once finished, each pendant is paired with a coordinating color-spun cord and lobster-claw clasp, and beautifully packaged, ready for gifting to yourself or a loved one.

*Note: As the necklace strands are fiber-wrapped, they may stick to items such as velcro, and may fuzz up a bit if handled roughly. A bit of steam and a quick rub of your fingers in the direction of the wrapping should help smooth everything out if it catches on anything.