Antique Wheel - Desjardins Canadian Production Wheel (CPW) - NO SHIPPING

Antique Wheel - Desjardins Canadian Production Wheel (CPW) - NO SHIPPING

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Desjardins CPW, asking $200. This is a beautiful antique wheel designed for production (it's in the name, Canadian Production Wheel!). Tension is adjusted by tilting the mother-of-all using original cast iron fittings. Solid wood, although less heavy than you might expect with all the cast iron pieces. Purrs when you spin on it, and it is designed to go fast and run at a very consistent speed. 

The bobbins have been emptied since taking these photos. There are 4, I believe one (the darker one) is original and the other three are repro.

The wheel does have a few cosmetic flaws/dings in the wood, including a spot on the wheel itself that looks like an animal chewed on it, but they do not affect performance. All original leather fittings. Finish is original and some of the red paint decoration can be seen on the back side of the wheel. This type of decoration was used by some of the cheaper CPW manufacturers rather than turning the spokes. 

SHIPPING NOTE: I am not willing to ship this wheel. I am in Tyngsboro MA and am willing to travel a bit for pickup if needed, and will also be at Rhinebeck in October (Friday at Indie Untangled, Duchess Fairgrounds Saturday morning only) if you'd like to arrange for pickup there. You can email me prior to purchase, contact me via FB or IG messaging, or simply purchase and I will reach out to you to arrange pickup.