PREORDER - A Very Classy Spindle

PREORDER - A Very Classy Spindle

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This listing is for a PREORDER of the Very Classy Spindle, which will ship in approximately 2 weeks (further details below the specifications). 


  • Whorl weight: 22g
  • Shaft weight: ~7 g
  • Length: 9.5" total shaft length; approximately 8" usable shaft above or below the whorl
  • 3 threaded oak shafts are included in your purchase; additional shafts may be purchased later as well
  • Please specify top or bottom whorl when placing your order

The Very Classy Spindle is designed to be your go-to mid-weight drop spindle. With a long-spinning, perfectly balanced, precision-milled aluminum whorl, and secure threaded shafts available in top or bottom whorl configurations, this spindle is a workhorse capable of spinning a wide range of singles. Longer spin time means fewer flicks or thigh-rolls for you, making it a more ergonomic and efficient choice. In Amanda's spin tests, she can stand on a chair or a table and spin all the way to the floor (with arms high overhead) before the spindle runs out of spin. 

Preorder Details

This purchase will place you in our build queue for the second production run of the Very Classy Spindle! Lead time is currently estimated at approximately two weeks from your purchase date. We will post updates on the timeline publicly to our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and will also email those in the preorder queue. 

If you choose to purchase fiber or other goodies along with this preorder, those will ship according to our standard shipping timeframe and your spindle will ship separately. 

See the spindle in action on Instagram at the hashtag #averyclassyspindle

    3rd, 4th, and 5th product photos by Evanita W. Montalvo