A Very Classy Spindle - WHORL ONLY

A Very Classy Spindle - WHORL ONLY

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We currently have 9 in stock.


We have 9 in stock.

This listing is for the whorl only - to complete your set you must purchase shafts, which are available for purchase here.

The Very Classy Spindle is designed to be your go-to, modular, mid-weight drop spindle - a workhorse capable of spinning a wide range of singles.

The spindle features a long-spinning, perfectly balanced, precision-milled aluminum whorl, at a comfortable weight of 29g fully assembled. Longer spin time means fewer flicks or thigh-rolls for you, making it a more ergonomic and efficient choice.

Shafts are attached using a secure threaded connection (simply screw together to assemble), and can be configured for top-whorl or bottom-whorl spindling. 


  • Whorl: Anodized aluminum, 22g
  • Shafts: Sold separately; select from oak, walnut, or carbon fiber; approximately 7g each
  • Total combined weight: 29g (1.0 oz)
  • Length: 9.5" total shaft length; approximately 8" usable shaft above or below the whorl


See the spindle in action on Instagram at the hashtag #averyclassyspindle

    3rd, 4th, and 5th product photos by Evanita W. Montalvo