The Three Tenets of Classy Squid Fiber Co.

Amanda, chief maker of Classy Squid, and Tennyson the alpaca

We hold these wooly truths to be self-evident:

True to the Sheep

Always enhancing, never hiding, the natural beauty of this glorious fiber: WOOL. Never less than 50% animal fiber; a gentle hand while carding and scouring and a light touch with the synthetics. 

Not Just Merino

We love the genetic diversity present in sheep today, and seek to bring a wealth of options to you to explore what this incredible creature has to offer. Merino is great, but there is so much more to try - alpacas & llamas & other critters too! 

In Your Hands

We seek to enable your vision, with exquisitely-prepared fibers, intriguing inspiration and custom creations, encouragement and resources to get you where you want to go. Most Classy Squid batts are what we like to call "gentle art batts" - you control how much texture goes into your final yarn. Draft it out for a smooth, traditional yarn with loads of character, or spin wild and free and let the locks do as they may. Spinning fiber is not a final product - we're here to enable YOU to create something magical from your own hands.