tonality palette - 9 brilliant shades and one complex not-quite-black
TONALITY is a rich, vibrant, semi-solid spinning fiber palette of color, available on a multitude of bases, dyed to order in whatever quantity you need. 
Featuring 9 radiant shades and a deep, murky black with pops of rainbow glazing (think: oil slick) - choose your base and order by the ounce, or snag a full rainbow set!
Find the perfect plying partner for that batt you've been hoarding, to extend its yardage; spin for that multi-colored shawl you've been aching to knit, but which wasn't quite singing with variegated handspun; pair with a Sparkle Pack and make an uncarded fiber sandwich to spin just for fun. Perfect for art yarns, explorations, sampling, felting, self-striping projects, and blending your own creations on blending board, hackle, carder, or combs. 
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