Art batts by Classy Squid Fiber Co
Cuttlefish are the chameleons of the sea, and Classy Squid Cuttles are their fibery cousins! Created from carder remains from colorways gone by, dyed and undyed fragments and leftovers, bits and bobs and everything under the sun. Carded just one for fun texture. All batts will be next-to-skin-soft and you can be assured that a plethora of colors and textures lurk beneath the surface. Packaged and photographed in little batt knots to show off every side. Unless carded in 3s, completely OOAK and never to be repeated! 
Each batt weighs approximately 2oz and may contain just about anything.
At least 50% animal fibers, including wool (combed top and local farm-fresh fleeces), alpaca, mohair, camel, yak. May contain silks, synthetics (nylon), sparkle (angelina), yarn scraps, feathers, carder remains and surprises. 
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