A Very Classy Spindle - Scratch n' Dent Sale

A Very Classy Spindle - Scratch n' Dent Sale

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This is a special sale of spindles with minor visual defects. All Scratch 'n' Dent spindles come will come with carbon fiber shafts - if you would like to order other varieties of shafts, you may order those separately. 

During production some whorls are left with machining marks (small "scratches" made by the milling machine), inconsistent finish, or small dents. The defects are generally subtle, but do not measure up to our standards. Classy Squid Fiber Co strives to provide top quality spindles, in form and in function. While we can't sell these whorls for full price, we hate to see them go to waste! If you are on a budget and looking for a Very Classy Spindle, consider the Scratch n' Dent section!

All whorls are 100% functional, and will spin just as well as the full priced product. 

The Very Classy Spindle is designed to be your go-to, modular, mid-weight drop spindle - a workhorse capable of spinning a wide range of singles.

The spindle features a long-spinning, perfectly balanced, precision-milled aluminum whorl, at a comfortable weight of 29g fully assembled. Longer spin time means fewer flicks or thigh-rolls for you, making it a more ergonomic and efficient choice.

Shafts are attached using a secure threaded connection (simply screw together to assemble), and can be configured for top-whorl or bottom-whorl spindling. Each package comes with three shafts - enabling you to fill two shafts, place them in a spindle kate, and ply onto the third shaft. 


  • Whorl: Anodized aluminum, 22g
  • Shafts: Select from oak, walnut, or carbon fiber; approximately 7g each
  • Total combined weight: 29g (1.0 oz)
  • Length: 9.5" total shaft length; approximately 8" usable shaft above or below the whorl

Included with your purchase: 

  • One aluminum whorl
  • Three shafts, in carbon fiber, in top or bottom whorl configuration

Additional shafts are available for purchase here.

See the spindle in action on Instagram at the hashtag #averyclassyspindle