The Sales Continue

When I first started posting discount fiber earlier this summer I thought it would only take a couple of weeks, maybe one or two months to get through everything. Turns out, I have a TON of fiber and may have underestimated :-D. So it is taking a little longer; my new goal is to be done by the end of the year or earlier.

I am carding through my wall of dyed fiber as fast as I can, in between shipping and posting and admin and all the other non-carding things you have to do to run a business. 

To my fellow fiber artists, I am sorry if this feels like a ploy and that I'm drumming up business by underselling you - it's really not the intention at all, I just need this gone ASAP and carding through it and selling fresh batts at a discount feels like the best way to do so. That said, if anyone is interested in straight up bulk dyed wool, do let me know!!!

Wall of bins of fiber waiting to be carded

Thank you so much to everyone who has been partaking in the sales! It really means a lot to me and it has been lovely to reconnect with you. Bin by bin we are gradually shrinking the wall of fiber and getting closer to fully sunsetting Classy Squid for the current season. 


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