Going Out Of Business Sale

Hello friends, it's been a while!!!

I do have to apologize for essentially ghosting this business for the past few years. It was not professional, doesn't reflect my goals and values I wanted to adhere to when I started Classy Squid in 2015, nor my immense gratitude for the community we created together and the personal connections I made along the way during my 5 years in business. 

For those of you who have reached out to ask if I'm OK, I appreciate that so much! I am fine and well. It has been a very tough decision, but I have concluded that it's time (for now at least) to sunset Classy Squid and move on to other artistic pursuits. 

2020 was a weird and devastating time for many, and all the many hardships it caused came on top of a severe bout of burnout - both artistic/with Classy Squid, and at my day-job, and personally as my husband embarked on 6-month work assignments in Antarctica - which necessitated learning how to live solo for the first time. I found that I was not ever creating just for me, just for the joy of making - I had been only putting my creative efforts towards the business. I hadn't spun for myself, not to just test a spindle, in far too long and it didn't feel right. Since Classy Squid was never my main source of income, and so many fellow artists were struggling with the economy during lockdown, I took an intentional break from selling...and I just never came back.

Ultimately, this was a really, really good thing for me personally. I started sewing again. I picked up knitting again. I started learning how to paint. There was a freedom and a joy in making that I hadn't felt in a long time. 

I know this is sad for many of you who have enjoyed Classy Squid products over the years. It is possible that I may come back - you never know what the future holds, and I'll carry the knowledge, experience, and fond memories of being part of this community with me for as long as I live. But for now, it is time to clear out the studio and close this chapter. 

I have a LOT of stock to move on, and I'd like to get things closed out this summer. I'll be sorting, quality checking, and posting inventory at around 50% discounts in batches over the next couple of weeks. Today, you'll find wool washes, Classy Squid swag, shipping/business supplies, and Classy Spindles (not discounted) listed. I will post to Instagram and Facebook as I add more items. 

Thank you all for your support over the years. I have been truly blown away at how lovely all of you have been - any time you start getting into the online sales/craft communities, you hear horror stories about difficult customers, or challenging behavior/experiences at shows, or people being nasty in your comment sections...and I haven't had any of that. We've had wonderful spin-a-longs, meet-ups, virtual events, and I've gotten to be a part of your creative journeys. So thank you!!


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